good1 [ gud ] (comparative better [ `betər ] ; superlative best [ best ] ) adjective ***
▸ 1 of high quality/standard
▸ 2 able to do something well
▸ 3 with qualities to do something
▸ 4 honest & morally correct
▸ 5 giving pleasant feeling
▸ 6 pleasant to look at
▸ 7 feeling healthy/happy
▸ 8 fairly large amount etc.
▸ 9 usable/not spoiled
▸ 10 showing pleasure
▸ 11 high in society
▸ 12 likely to earn money
▸ 13 giving a lot of value
▸ 14 thorough and complete
▸ 15 funny/interesting
▸ 16 in sports
▸ 17 more than amount, etc.
▸ 18 when something is likely
1. ) of a high quality or standard:
We saw a really good movie last night.
They were all dressed in their best clothes.
These dishes are too good to use every day.
How good is his English?
2. ) able to do something well:
Francine was a very good cook.
good at: Bob is pretty good at fixing things.
a ) good with able to deal with someone or something well, or able to use something well:
Gina has always been good with animals.
Jake is really good with his hands (=skillful at making or doing things using his hands).
3. ) having the necessary qualities:
This rock will make a good paperweight.
good for: Electric cars are good for driving around town.
a ) reasonable or sensible:
Dad gave me some really good advice.
This is surely the best argument against the death penalty.
Give me one good reason why I should lend you money.
b ) appropriate and likely to produce the results or conditions you want:
Now would be a good time to ask for a raise.
What's the best way to get to the freeway from here?
c ) convenient:
What's a good time to call you?
good for: Thursday is good for me can you make it then?
4. ) honest and morally correct:
George had always tried to lead a good life.
It would be good if you took the money back.
a ) willing to obey and behave in a socially correct way:
Ruth's children are always so good.
as good as gold: He sat there as good as gold the whole time.
be a good boy/girl: Be a good boy and play quietly.
b ) willing to obey all the rules of a particular religion or organization:
a good Catholic
c ) kind, generous, and willing to help:
good to: Helen's parents were always good to us kids.
good about: Sheryl's brother has been good about helping out with the new baby.
it is good of someone to do something: It was so good of you to come.
5. ) giving you a happy or pleasant feeling:
We had such a good time in Las Vegas.
A hot bath would feel good about now.
One more piece of good news: Beth had a baby girl!
it is/feels good to do something: It's good to finally meet you.
6. ) attractive:
Carol looks better with short hair, don't you think?
7. ) feeling healthy:
How are you today? Good, and you?
I don't feel very good I'm going to lie down.
a ) feeling happy:
He's not in a very good mood.
b ) making you healthy or happy:
good for: Exercise is good for you.
it is good (for someone) to do something: It's not good to eat so much junk food.
c ) giving benefits to something:
good for: The recent tax cuts will be good for business.
8. ) fairly large in amount, size, range, etc.:
He earns a good salary as a consultant.
The library has a good selection of computer books.
a ) a good deal a lot:
The house cost a good deal more than we expected.
good of: There's still a good deal of work to do before we're finished.
b ) a good many INFORMAL a large number of people or things:
They've known each other for a good many years.
9. ) not damaged or spoiled in any way and still able to be used or eaten:
Do you think the eggs are still good?
a ) able to be legally used or officially accepted:
good for: The tickets are good for three weeks.
b ) good for still able to be used for a particular period of time or a particular distance:
I think these pants are good for another few months.
c ) able to be used because of being real and not false:
a good $20 bill
d ) someone's good eye/ear/arm/leg etc. one eye/ear/arm/leg etc. that someone can still use normally
10. ) SPOKEN used for saying that you are pleased with someone or pleased about something:
They should be here in half an hour. Good.
Oh, good, you remembered to buy the milk.
a ) used when talking about what has been decided or agreed:
Good. Then we'll meet at noon in front of the theater.
11. ) having a high and respected position in society:
He comes from a very good family.
Your accent doesn't make you better than me.
a ) expensive or used by people with a high position in society:
We moved to a smaller house in a good neighborhood.
12. ) reliable and likely to earn a lot of money for you:
Tammy has a good job at the post office.
They made some good investments.
13. ) giving you a lot of value for something you are buying or selling:
Twenty dollars is a good price for jeans.
We got a good deal on our airplane tickets.
14. ) thorough and complete:
The witness said she got a good look at his face.
What I need is a good night's sleep.
a ) good and ready/warm etc. INFORMAL completely ready/warm etc.
15. ) funny or interesting:
a good joke/story
16. ) a ball that is good in a game such as tennis lands inside the area in which the game is played
17. ) INFORMAL more than a particular distance, amount, age, etc.:
We've been waiting for a good half hour.
18. ) if there is a good chance of something happening, it is likely to happen:
There's a good chance of showers tonight.
all in good time SPOKEN
used for telling someone to wait for something and not try to make you hurry
as good a time/place etc. as any INFORMAL
not an especially good time/place etc. to do something, but not worse than any other:
I guess now's as good a time as any to tell Dad about the car.
as good as finished/dead etc.
almost finished/dead etc. or likely to be finished/dead etc. very soon:
They've as good as admitted it was their fault.
as good as new
in almost the same good condition as before being damaged or injured:
After the surgery your back should be as good as new.
as good as your word
doing what you have promised to do
be as good as it gets INFORMAL
1. ) to be not very good and unlikely to improve
2. ) to be extremely good, so that nothing is likely to be better
to be ready to do something
good boy/girl
used for praising a child or a pet when they have done something correctly
good for someone BRITISH
used for saying that you are happy about something good that someone has done or that has happened to them
good for something INFORMAL
able or likely to supply something, especially money
a good friend
someone you know very well and like a lot
good Heavens/Lord/God/grief/gracious SPOKEN
used for showing that you are very surprised, angry, or upset
good old SPOKEN
1. ) used before the name of someone or something that always does what you want or expect
2. ) enjoyable or useful:
We had a good old talk.
have a good thing going INFORMAL
to be involved in something that is successful and gives you benefits
if you know what's good for you SPOKEN
used for warning someone that they should do something if they do not want something bad to happen to them
it's a good thing that BRITISH
used for saying that you are pleased that something has happened because it prevents something bad from happening:
It's a good thing you called Mom was starting to get worried.
make good INFORMAL
to become successful:
He's a local boy made good.
make good (on) a promise/threat/debt etc.
to do or pay what you have said you would
make good something
to fix, replace, or pay for something you have done wrong, damaged, etc.:
We intend to make good any damage caused by the move.
not good enough SPOKEN
used for saying that you are not satisfied with what someone has done or is offering you:
I'm sorry I'm late. It's just not good enough. It's the second day in a row.
that's a good one SPOKEN
1. ) used for saying that you think a joke is very funny
2. ) used for saying that you think that what someone has said is not true and is intended to trick you
too good to be true/to last
so good that you cannot believe that such a situation is possible or can continue:
If you think the deal they are offering is too good to be true, it probably is.
too much of a good thing INFORMAL
so easily available or used so often that you do not enjoy it any more:
Is unlimited phone access too much of a good thing?
would you be so good as/would you be good enough to do something SPOKEN FORMAL
used for asking someone very politely to do something
good 2 [ gud ] noun uncount ***
1. ) advantage or benefit:
for the good of someone/something: Hartman should resign for the good of the party.
for someone's own good: I'm doing this for your own good.
do someone good: I think a trip to the beach would do us all a lot of good.
do more harm than good: Raising speed limits may do more harm than good.
the common/general good (=benefit for everyone in society or in a group): The country's natural resources should be used for the common good.
2. ) morally correct behavior:
The Internet can be a force for good by helping to spread knowledge.
good and evil: the battle between good and evil
a ) the good people who behave in a morally correct way
─ opposite EVIL
3. ) the pleasant part or aspects of something:
When you're raising kids, you sometimes have to take the good with the bad.
$10/$20/$100 etc. to the good
having $10/$20/$100 etc. more than you had before
do no good/not do any good
to not have any effect or success:
I'll talk to her, but it won't do any good.
for good
permanently, without the possibility of change in the future:
It looks like Jamie has left for good this time.
no good/not any good/not much good
1. ) of a low quality or standard:
Most of the pictures I took weren't any good.
2. ) not able to do something well:
no good/not any good/not much good at: I'm no good at chemistry.
3. ) not able to deal with someone or something well or use something well:
no good/not any good/not much good with: Ken's not much good with kids.
4. ) not useful or effective:
no good/not any good/not much good for: My shoes are no good for hiking.
it's no good doing something: It's no good trying to persuade her to come with us.
5. ) not appropriate or convenient:
Tomorrow's no good I'm busy.
too clever/nice/generous etc. for your own good
so clever/nice/generous etc. that it is a disadvantage instead of an advantage
up to no good INFORMAL
doing or planning something bad, illegal, or immoral
what's the good of/what good is (it) (doing) something? SPOKEN
used for saying that you do not think something will give you any benefit:
What's the good of writing them a letter? They never read them anyway.
good 3 [ gud ] adverb SPOKEN
a way of saying well that many people think is not correct:
He's doing pretty good at his new job.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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